Benefits Of Child ID Cards | Explains the Benefits of Non-Driver ID Cards for Children blog: Explains the Benefits of Non-Driver ID Cards for Children

ID cards have never been exclusive to driving-aged citizens. In fact, citizens are encouraged to obtain state- or government-issued non-driver ID cards to serve as official identification in various situations, if they do not own a driving license. There is no minimum age restriction for obtaining a non-driver ID card, so parents are encouraged to purchase non-driver ID cards for their children. While there is a small fee associated with obtaining non-driver IDs, the advantages of having the card far outweigh the costs. For parents, giving non-driver identification cards to their children can assure them that their children will be safer, but few parents actually consider all the benefits of child ID cards. To explain why children should get non-driver IDs, the experts at have compiled a list detailing the various benefits of obtaining these documents.

To Locate Missing Children Quickly

If a child has a non-driver ID card, the state police will be better able to find and report the child if he or she is declared missing. Because the child’s information will be readily available, officials will be able to issue Amber Alerts and distribute photographs of the child immediately. The team at recommends that parents have conversations with their children about dangers to avoid, such as talking to strangers and leaving their parents without permission. This will reduce the risk of the child getting lost or abducted.

To Protect Against Identity Theft

Non-driver ID cards will validate children’s information to prevent others from trying to steal their identities. Many states have already added security measures and required parents to bring additional documents to verify a child’s identity during the ID card application process. If a child is registered with the state and has obtained a non-driver ID card, then it is less likely that identity theft will occur. The team at suggests updating a child’s non-driver ID card regularly to ensure the picture remains recent.

To Facilitate School Activities and Trips

School-age children with non-driver ID cards can enroll in classes, sign up for school excursions and become a part of afterschool activities faster. The team at reminds parents that non-driver ID cards are not always mandatory for all school or afterschool functions, but the processes involved with enrollment may be accelerated with a non-driver ID card.

To Prepare Children for the Future

When children come of driving age, already having non-driver ID cards will benefit them. They will be able to quickly obtain driver licenses with little hassle, after passing the necessary exams.

Additionally, traveling with children also becomes simpler with non-driver ID cards. Airports demand identification, and some other modes of transportation ask for ID cards as well. The team at advises parents to get non-driver ID cards for their children as soon as possible to get them prepared for driving and travel situations that they will face when they get older.