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Top 3 Additional Benefits of Roadside Assistance According to the Experts at blog: Top 3 Additional Benefits of Roadside Assistance According to the Experts at

Although it is not mandatory, roadside assistance services have been known to help thousands of people who run into car troubles while out on the road. The American Automobile Association, one of the leading motor service organizations in the country, rescued a record-breaking 32 million drivers in 2015 alone. The most common vehicle troubles people experienced included dead batteries, flat tires and key problems. On top of helping with said issues, there are many other benefits drivers could reap by purchasing for breakdown coverage. The team at has narrowed down the top three additional benefits of having roadside assistance in the sections below.

Towing Services

Most roadside assistance organizations offer towing as part of their services. The specific rules and regulations regarding towing services may vary depending on which type of membership you enroll in. Basic memberships usually include up to three driving miles on one service call per household, while premiere memberships can offer up to 200 driving miles for a towing request. To request towing services, drivers can simply call their roadside assistance hotline and present their membership card or a form of payment once assistance arrives, according to the team at

Rental Car Benefits

Another great perk of having roadside assistance services is being able to rent a car at a discounted price. Depending on which state you reside in and what type of roadside membership you have, you can request to rent a replacement car from rental car providers affiliated with your service providers. The team at highly recommends including this service to your plan in the event that your car experiences irreparable damages. To rent a car through your roadside assistance service, you will generally be required to present your membership card, a valid photo ID and a major credit card. Keep in mind that you must still meet certain rental qualifications and age requirements.

Insurance Discounts & More

Breakdown coverage members may also qualify for exclusive discounts for auto and home insurance. Certain insurance companies partner with roadside assistance organizations to offer great coverage at competitive rates with personalized service and discounts for those who apply through their roadside assistance provider. AAA Premier members qualify to receive the additional benefit of $10,000 in identity theft insurance, according to the team at

Furthermore, drivers can take advantage of reward programs that offer discounts with over 30,000 online restaurants, retailers and travel insurance. Drivers can receive up to $300,000 in travel accident insurance by simply purchasing airline, cruise, bus or train tickets through their roadside service provider. Other breakdown coverage policies may also include exclusive membership discounts and perks for movie tickets and theme park passes.