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Consequences for Being Issued a Speeding Ticket

Driving fast with your windows down is a great rush, as the fresh air tousles your hair and the blood streams through your veins. However, there are consequences that come along with speeding on your state roads and highways. Here at, the experts urge you to learn about the negative effects of speeding, which typically begin with a ticket. And the consequences only get worse from there.

Hefty Tickets and Fines

If you are caught speeding by an officer of the law, you will, undoubtedly, be issued a speeding ticket. Make no mistake, charming a cop is just a scene for the big screen. If a law enforcement officer clocks you as speeding with a radar gun, you will be issued a ticket with high penalties. In many states, speeding tickets are issued in increments. For example, if you go between 5 and 9 mph above the speed limit, you may be fined something like $170. However, if you go higher than 10 mph above the speed limit, or even 20 mph over, you may be looking at a speeding ticket that costs more than your monthly car payment. The faster you drive, the higher your fine will be. At, the team encourages you to use cruise control to avoid the pricey penalties that result from speeding tickets.

Points on Your Driver’s License

Many state transportation departments use a points system to maintain driver safety on the roadways. However, if you are issued a speeding ticket, it is possible that you will incur points on your license in addition to a fine. Point increments vary by state and by violation. Some states may allow you to “work off” your points through driver safety courses and traffic school. But, those states that do not allow you to lower your license points may eventually penalize you by suspending your driver’s license, which is a common consequence if you accrue a certain number of points from speeding citations.

Suspended Driver’s License

If this is not your first speeding offense, and you have others on your driving record within a certain period of time, the team at notes that you may need to prepare for a driver’s license suspension. If you are able to take traffic school and driver safety courses to reduce the points on your license, you may be able to ward off the suspension, but if you are a reckless driver with a bad driving record, driver’s license suspension is a possible consequence you may face as the result of multiple speeding tickets.

Jail Time

If you fail to abide by the stipulations outlined on your speeding ticket, you may face jail time in your state of residence, or in the county where you were issued the speeding ticket. This is the most serious consequence of all, but it can be avoided if you pay your speeding ticket fine, go to traffic school and do whatever else local law enforcement suggests. Speeding is not only dangerous, but the team at reminds you that it can strip you of your privilege to drive and land you behind bars if you do not handle your situation with attention and care.