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How to Schedule a Driver’s Test Appointment With the DMV: A Guide From blog: How to Schedule a Driver’s Test Appointment With the DMV: A Guide From

As your driver’s license test day approaches, you will have plenty on your mind. And, putting off your DMV appointment until the last minute is not recommended, in the least. Oftentimes, visiting the DMV is rumored to be an unpleasant experience, due to long wait times. You can bypass this notion altogether, as long as you book a DMV appointment ahead of time. The team at encourages you to prepare in advance for your test day. Continue below to successfully schedule a driver’s test appointment at your nearby office.

Choose a Convenient Date and Time

The first step in booking a DMV appointment is to take a look at your own personal calendar, in comparison to your DMV’s hours of operation. Since you are taking a driving test in the future, it is imperative to block out enough time to handle your driver’s license obligations. If you know you have somewhere to be at 11 a.m. on the same day, the experts at advise you not to schedule a DMV appointment for 10 a.m. Certain tasks take ample time. And, if you plan on taking your written driver’s test, your road skills exam and your eye screening in the same day, along with handling your driver’s license application and credential photo, it is in your best interest to be available for a few hours to handle everything in the same visit.

Book a DMV Appointment Online

Since the DMV is regulated at a state level, the options for booking appointments at licensing offices do vary, depending on where you live. You may find that one state’s DMV website offers a convenient web portal to sign up through, while another state has no such technology available. At, the experts recommend making your DMV appointment online, if possible, as it is the most convenient method currently in existence. But remember that if you do book a DMV appointment through your state’s official online service, you need to look out for a confirmation email.

Make a DMV Appointment by Phone

If your state’s DMV does not offer driver’s test appointments online, it is possible there is a staff taking calls to schedule appointments by phone. Take the time to review if your state DMV allows by-phone appointments, and then simply call your nearest office. Also, request a confirmation of some sort, so there is proof that you scheduled your appointment.

Schedule DMV Appointments With a Third-Party Service

Whether your DMV does not offer online appointments or you simply cannot get through to a representative by phone, there is one more option at your disposal. You can elect to make a DMV appointment through a third-party service, if you so choose. However, if you decide to book a DMV appointment using a non-government-affiliated company, the team at urges you to make sure you are not charged with any fees. In some cases, new drivers might just decide to pay fees in order to sidestep the hassle.