Driver License Uses | Presents 7 Different Ways You Can Use a Driver’s License blog: Presents 7 Different Ways You Can Use a Driver’s License

Now that you have your driver’s license, you can cruise highways, side streets and main roads to your heart’s content. But, have you considered the alternate uses for your driving credential? Sure, your license serves mainly to prove that you are legally registered to drive a vehicle in your state, but it also has many uses as your government-approved identification card. Here at, the team of experts has compiled some of the top ways to use your shiny, new license to drive.

For U.S. Passport Applications

Are you ready to travel the world? Before you can do so, you must obtain a valid U.S. passport. When you apply for a passport, you will be asked to supply a form of government ID, which is where your current driver’s license comes into play. At, the team recommends having a valid copy of your driver’s license ready to submit, along with your passport application, so you can ensure a speedy turnaround.  

To Open Bank Accounts

Are you finally starting that new business? Or, perhaps you now have enough funds to open your rainy day savings account. Whatever the reason, when you visit a bank to open a new bank account, your driver’s license is a primary form of identification that you can use to confirm your identity and get your finances available.

As Proof of Identity When Traveling

If you are traveling domestically (internationally requires your passport), your driver’s license is a top credential to supply TSA with when checking in to your flight at the airport. Make sure to have your driver’s license handy as you head through the security checkpoint, so you can get to your gate with ease.

To Purchase Alcohol and Tobacco Products

Even though you may have been credentialed to drive for some years, it is not until you turn 18 or 21 that you can purchase tobacco and alcohol products, respectively. Have your driver’s license handy as a form of ID, so you can buy the age-restricted products you want without question. In addition, in the states where marijuana is now legal to purchase, patrons are asked to supply their driver’s licenses to prove they are 21 for entry into dispensaries.

At a Will Call Office

Let’s say you bought tickets online to that rock concert months ago, but elected to pick up the pair at will call. The team at reminds you to make sure to have your driver’s license handy, so you can get into that concert – or any ticketed event, for that matter – hassle-free.

To Get Into an Adult Establishment

Whether it is a new night club, your favorite dive bar or even a strip club, having your driver’s license on hand will ensure smooth entry into any adult establishment. And, since your state driving license is a valid form of ID throughout the U.S., and even in other countries when travelling, it is important to have handy at a moment’s notice for your evening activities.

To Determine Organ Donation

On a more serious note, if you are ever involved in a life-threatening accident, your driver’s license will serve as proof of whether or not you are an organ donor. It is important to have your driver’s license on you at all times if you are an organ donor, as your request can only be carried out with legal confirmation. Remember to address this topic when you are issued your driver’s license at the DMV.