License Application Errors | Presents Mistakes to Avoid When Filling out a Drivers License Application blog: Presents Mistakes to Avoid When Filling out a Drivers License Application

Filling out a driver’s license application can be an intimidating task for those who are doing it for the first time or have not done it for many years, and more often than not, applicants tend to make simple mistakes that can cause them larger issues in the future. When applying, there are certain factors you should pay special attention to, and there are various common mistakes you should try to avoid. Fortunately, the experts at have selected the best tips for you to correctly fill out a driver’s license application.

Providing an Incorrect Name Spelling

Make sure that your full legal name is spelled out correctly. Having the correct spelling of your name in your driver’s license is extremely important, as the name shown on your driver’s license should match the name shown in all of your other government documents. Since a driver’s license is one of the most widely accepted forms of identification in the United States, the team at also notes that it is a very convenient form of ID to carry around with you at all times.

Writing the Wrong Address

Be certain that your current mailing address matches the one you are providing in your application. There could be serious implications to your driving privileges if your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) cannot reach you through mail on a consistent basis, and those implications are not only for someone who commits an infraction as a driver. In most cases, to correct such a problem, you will need to visit a local DMV office and submit proof of your current residency in order to correct the error, but this would involve you waiting in line for service.

Withholding Previous License Issuance Information

Make sure to inform the DMV in your application if you have previously had a valid driver’s license issued anywhere in the United States. It does not matter whether your old driver’s license was from the state you are currently in or from a different one. It also does not matter whether your previous license is still valid or has expired. According to experts, it is extremely important for a governmental agency such as the DMV to be able to identify your previous driver’s license ­– and driving records – before issuing you a new license.

Choosing the Wrong Driver’s License Class

Correctly identify which class of driver’s license you are applying for. There are a couple of different classes of driver’s licenses, which depend on an individual’s personal and professional needs. Though the experts at report that the biggest number of applicants seek non-commercial driver’s licenses, others may also require licenses that authorize the driving of a motorcycle, truck or vehicle carrying hazardous materials.

Not Reviewing the Optional Selections

Check if any of the optional selections on a driver’s license application relate to you. In certain states, a motorist has the ability to show on a driver’s license card if he or she is a Veteran, an organ donor, deaf/hard of hearing, or insulin dependent, for instance. The team at reminds you to check if any of the optional selections on your driver’s license application apply to you before submitting the form.