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Getting a new driver’s license is accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions. You may feel a combination of excitement, anxiousness and stress surrounding your required DMV tests. In addition, many people feel the surge of annoyance associated with the long wait times at a local driver’s licensing office. However, it is important to contain all of these thoughts and feelings when you are called to take your new driver’s license photo, so that you can focus on the necessities. Are you unsure of how to prepare for your first driver’s license picture? The team at is here to help discuss everything you need to consider prior to snapping your new driving credential photo.

Look Like Yourself

When it comes to taking your new driver’s license photo, make sure you look like yourself. You may be wondering how it is possible not to look like yourself, but you would be surprised. Females, for example, need not wear an excessive amount of makeup, unless they do so on a daily basis. The point of your driver’s license is to represent your everyday self. Males, on the other hand, who typically wear facial hair should not shave the day before having a new photo taken. In addition, do not dye your hair an exotic color, unless you plan to keep it that way regularly. Whether it is an officer of the law who needs to recognize you, or a bouncer at a bar who has authority over your entry, you want to look like the photo portrait on your driver’s license as much as possible.

Wear Your Glasses

If you wear glasses to see, then you should make sure to wear them in the photo. And, if you are required to wear glasses while operating a vehicle, the same rule applies. However, if you never wear glasses but use contact lenses instead, you should not wear your glasses for this specific photo. The reason is so that your eyesight is never in question if you are pulled over on the side of the road and not wearing your glasses that day but do have your spectacles on in your driver’s license photo. The team at also recommends not wearing non-prescription frames in your photo or sunglasses, as you will be asked to remove your eyewear prior to snapping the photo.

Do Not Smile

Even though the DMV worker is never going to ask you to act angry in your photo, he or she may ask you to tone down your smile a bit. Nowadays, there is actually a substantial reason as to why this request is made. There are several states that ask their new drivers not to smile in their photos, as they now employ facial recognition software, and a blanker expression works better when it comes to matching up with the software.

Wear Soft Colors

Although this is not a requirement per se, it is in your own best interest not to wear bold colors in your driver’s license photo, as the colors, combined with the camera’s flash, can impact your complexion in a negative way. For instance, wearing black or white can make you look pale and washed out in your photo. Again, this is just a suggestion, but the team at wants you to look your best in this photo, because you will use it for years to come.