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The Importance of Car Maintenance According to Experts at blog: The Importance of Car Maintenance According to Experts at

Car maintenance may seem like a thorn in your side at times. It requires time and money that you don’t always have, but it is crucial, nonetheless. Whether you have a new car or a used vehicle that you drive, maintaining your automobile is necessary. The team at recommends maintaining your car for several reasons. Learn why car maintenance is important by reviewing the reasons outlined below.

To Protect the Vehicle and You

As a licensed driver, you take pride in your privilege to drive. You should also take pride in your vehicle. If you are not proud of the car you are driving, at least be mindful enough to take care of it. Without proper maintenance, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation on the road. Vehicle maintenance essentially keeps you safe behind the wheel. Some routine maintenance check-ups you should schedule include, but are not limited to: tire rotations, oil changes, brake pad replacements, windshield wiper replacements, brake light replacements and more. Taking care of your vehicle will ensure you are always safe on busy highways and winding roads.

To Give the Car a Longer Life

If you are a car owner, routine maintenance is important in order to give your car a longer life. You have invested your hard-earned money in the car, itself, so maintaining it is just as important, so that you can get the most out of your car. The team at encourages you to schedule routine maintenance appointments, so you can extend the life of your vehicle and get more mileage out of it for years to come.

To Avoid Tickets and Fines

If you do not maintain your vehicle, you may find yourself in a situation with law enforcement that may result in a ticket and/or a fine. For instance, if you are caught driving with a tail light out, you may be pulled over and ticketed because your night driving poses a threat to others on the road. However, the upside to this scenario is that you may have the ticket fine waived if you can show proof thereafter that you fixed the problem. The team notes that this is a common courtesy awarded in situations where a driver may be unaware of an issue that lands him or her with a ticket.

To Avoid Extra Charges From the Dealership

The team at notes that, when you lease a car, you will sign paperwork stating that you are responsible for maintaining the vehicle while it is under your contractual possession. This means that you must maintain the vehicle as requested by the car dealership, so that it is in proper working condition when the time comes to turn it back in to the dealership. Oftentimes, car dealerships enforce inspections when you go to return the car following your lease. In this case, you must maintain your car, or else you will be charged for issues beyond normal wear and tear. For instance, if your tires are below acceptable tread levels at the end of your lease, you can either pay a fee or replace the tires. However, if you maintain your tires throughout your lease, you won’t have to deal with fees or replacements. In addition, if there is a part in your car that is broken or missing, be prepared to pay for it. If you replace the part on your own prior to turning in your vehicle, fees will be waived.