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The Best Places Recommended by to Practice Driving With Your Permit blog: The Best Places Recommended by to Practice Driving With Your Permit

Congratulations on receiving your new learner’s permit! The team at encourages you to get out on the road as soon as possible. The more you practice driving, the better a driver you will become (and the better your chances will be to pass the road skills test when the time comes). When you are learning how to drive, it is important to choose destinations that are safe. Consider the below options when you practice your driving skills, so you can maintain your focus and get the most out of your learning license period.

Your Neighborhood Cul-De-Sac

When the time comes to get behind the wheel for the very first time, stick with your neighborhood cul-de-sac. This is a street pocket near your home. It is a great spot to start out in, as it is familiar to you and presents a feeling of comfort – since you are near your home. In addition, there will not be much traffic in this confined area, so there’s no need to worry about many cars, and you can take your time. In any case, the team at encourages you to make sure there are no children or animals roaming around the cul-de-sac prior to practicing.

An After-Hours Parking Lot

Parking lots are ideal for driving practice, because they are so spacious. However, it is important to select a parking lot without cars nearby, so you can maintain your focus. Parking lots are typically empty after store hours end. But, be mindful if there are cars of workers that are present for post-closing shifts. In addition, make sure to choose a parking lot that is well-lit. Look for those tall lights, so you have full view of all of your surroundings. In these well-lit lots, you can practice parking, reversing, three-point turns and more to your heart’s content.

Roads Made of Dirt and Gravel

While dirt roads and roads made of gravel are not particularly fun to drive on, they are important to practice on if they are common in your state. You are not always going to be lucky enough to navigate on paved roads, alone. Furthermore, the experts at note that practicing your driving skills on unfinished terrain will teach you to drive slowly – and with patience! This is key, so that you can learn how to avoid upsetting your tires, which are integral in getting you from Point A to Point B,

Highway Ramps

The team at does not suggest getting onto the highway as a new driver without an experienced passenger by your side. And, if you are not quite ready to drive on the actual highway, you can practice getting on and off the highway ramps – to start. If you plan on driving on the highways once you are a credentialed driver in your state, you must be sure of your knowledge and your skills when both entering and exiting via highway ramps. This will teach you various things, like how to slow down and speed up based on the approach, how to merge, how to use your blinkers and how to switch lanes. Once you have mastered the on and off ramps, you can graduate to driving on the highways with confidence.